Hooks for handled tools

Hand forged hooks for hanging brooms
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, shovels, hammers, rakes, etc.
5/16”x 2” lag screw for easy installation.

Custom Furniture – 2017

This is a Custom Media Unit and Music book Cabinet that I designed and builtlast winter with help from Hugh Finlay.


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Music book cabinet

Dovetail cherry cabinet with figured black walnut doors. Hand forged hinges and handles.

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100 Lantern Stands

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More wine racks

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Trivets – 2012

A guy came by the shop one day and told me that he made tomato sauce in his backyard in huge pots over a fire. He asked me to make him two trivets to support the pots over the fire; one small and one large. This is what I came up with.


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Clipboard – 2012

This is a clipboard that I made in 2012. The board is black cherry with a natural edge and the clip is copper, brass, and bronze with steel rivets.IMG_0424 IMG_0426

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Copper shower head


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Bar Detail – 2014


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Trivet – 2014


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